Here’s a sketch and a picture of my beautiful cat.

I’m trying to finish sketching all of my built up commissions today and plan on coloring all tomorrow, this sketch above will probably be my little project on breaks between these commissions!

Second piece I did to accompany this article. Had to do a mock up page of the illustration in-use. Oh man! I had a bunch of fun doing this one and I’m pretty excited to move on to my next project this coming week.

Oh man until I get to post some more art, enjoy these pictures of my cat in a bowtie that we took this morning. He’s precious and it’s a good day.

Mock up editorial illustration I did to accompany this article. Text used in the mockup above is all from that article.

I did two pieces the other is still a WIP but I will post it later as well as I finish it. Today’s my schoolwork day so I will resume heavy work on commissions tomorrow!

I’ve been super busy with schoolwork/commissions this whole week. Dying ahh.

Top two are for an assignment in a independent-study type of class where I am working these illustrations to accompany an article (will update with colors by next week!)

The whole bottom section is a book I’m in the process of making. Had to learn binding in my printmaking class and so I am trying to put it to use in my freetime haha.

Some of my unfinished doodles from the past two weeks and such. The bottom two are linocut prints I did experimenting in a class. We had to do several prints of a word with different inks and then the last one was me just messing around trying to get used to it and experimenting with how I put on the ink before going on to do a real project in it. I’ll probably never finish any of these pieces but I figured I would share them anyway.

Get to do intaglio prints this coming week and I’m really excited!

I wish I could’ve gotten more work done on commissions today but I’ve had a headache bugging me all evening ahhh. Maybe tomorrow.

Here are four little sketches I did recently! Gonna have to color some of these little things sometime soon!

Alright so I was going to extend the time I was offering the discount commissions but instead I’m going to extend them and add some more options;

5$ - Pencil sketch, no color or flat color background (as seen in the first two images)

10$ Light color sketch (the third picture)

20$ Digital paint (the last picture)

If you’re interested please send me a note or email ( detailing what you would like and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

"Life is Easy”

"Life is Easy

Stream commission piece I just did for Oh man gotta love detailing hair!

Stream commission piece I just did for Oh man gotta love detailing hair!